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Our Centers..

All three Centers that make up the Sunny Days family are newly constructed in West Hills Village, directly beside Fredericton’s newest and prestigious residential subdivision, West Hills, along with the adjacent golf course.  We are centrally located next to a major thruway just minutes from downtown Fredericton.  The centers are nestled next to several amenities such as pharmacies, grocery store, medical clinic, fitness center, and restaurants. 


Combined, the centers occupy approximately 7000 sq feet and offer large play rooms, full modern kitchen, library area, science room, several rest rooms, large foyers and 3 nature based, fenced outdoor playgrounds.


The center is fully equipped with an air quality control system which offers energy efficiency and mechanical ventilation, ECOLOGICAL paints, tile and pre-finished hardwood floors.  We also provide upgraded fire & safety standards including a secured entrance with keypad admission, and 24 hour video security, all beautifully designed with great attention to detail.

Children Playing

Our Promise

Sunny Days Children's Center.

Respectfully caring for children, while exploring our natural playscapes and lovingly connecting communities.

Babies in Playroom

Our Purpose

Enriching the lives of each child by investing in their individual needs, experiences and education.

Our mission each day is to share love, offer knowledge and instill confidence enabling each child to be all they can be. This purpose is experienced and felt by all the children at Sunny Days, as well as their families because your whole world is in our hands.

Child Reading in the Grass

Our Priority

We place high priority on valuing EACH child's well-being, and respect their abilities and their differences. We make outdoor learning a BIG part of our day in one of our many outdoor play environments and we emphasize consistent and courteous communication.

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