AGES 3.5 & 4



Sunny Days Children’s Center is very excited to be announcing our newest program, Culture Kids!!

This program will explore “all things culture” and open our children’s eyes to cultural diversity, so they may gain an appreciation for differences.  As Sunny Days is already an inclusive center, adding this class will only enhance our preschool readiness program enabling us to provide greater experiences.

This enriched preschool program will not only prepare your child for kindergarten, but also expand their knowledge of the world and other cultures.

While being fully engrossed in a new country each month, this program will incorporate academics, as well as socialization, motor skills, outdoor exploration and play.  Their days will consist of activities in areas such as science, literacy, music, social studies, mathematics and the arts.




…..the existence of a variety of cultures or ethnic groups within a society

Celebrating diverse cultures in early learning means much more than hanging a flag on a certain holiday, it means valuing and including ALL families into your center and into your learning environment.  It also means inviting yourself into a wider community and sharing authentic activities with children and families.

It is never too early for children to be made aware of differences and realize that they are not scary…they’re amazing. Children listen and learn from their mentors, parents and educators so it is important to foster openness for differences and encourage the conversation.

At age 2, children begin to notice gender and racial differences, age 2 1/2, gender labels ( girl/boy) and their colours which they apply to skin colour.  At age 3 they notice physical disabilities, and at age 4/5 they start to apply gender-appropriate behaviours and become fearful of differences.  [Penn State University study]

How do we as educators navigate cultural differences in our classrooms?

*be respectful                                            *understand yourself
*use empathy                                              *challenge stereotypes 
*encourage positive relationships       *be open 
*Find ways to communicate                   *recognize and utilize teachable moments


*sing and tell stories
*invite families to share
*explore multicultural websites 
*welcome guests from different cultures into your environment 
*display multicultural images

Ways to participate in CULTURAL DIVERSITY….

As part of our Culture Kids program, your child will be enrolled in the Sunny Days Children`s Center family which actively helps to provide support for children living in poverty.  The funding will help them with their preschool education, nutritious meals, and other resources to assist them in growth and development.

Lastly, it is important to remember that sharing culture means more than being aware that families have different cultures and heritages, it means being sensitive and respectful and ensuring all families feel welcome and valued.

This is Sunny Days Children’s Center’s purpose and goal, 

to “share love, offer knowledge and instill confidence” always acting with respect and kindness.  Let’s explore!!  The world is our playground