About Us

In July of 2009, we happily opened our first center for 35 children, then expanding in July of 2010, we opened a separate preschool center.  In September of 2015 we grew once more with our stand alone after school center, and in January of 2020 we will be opening our new children’s center and brand new natural play scape and outdoor classroom.

My past 20 years work experience with children of all ages has given me valuable knowledge and insight into child development and education for young children.  I have also learned through several courses and seminars including the NB Emergent Curriculum training. I’ve been fortunate to travel to many places to see first hand, Early Learning in other countries and have brought those unique experiences back to Sunny Days and my team of wonderful staff.  My educational background is in business and my passion for a successful ,honest and hardworking business is evident in our love for our families and are continuous growth and relationships in our community.

Sunny Days Childcare center.

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